Half Fiend oath child of a human wizard and an unknown Archfiend, Inari a was necromancer and one of the founding members of the Heralds of Destruction. She sprang into being fully aware and with a body approximately age 15, shortly before her mother was granted the power necessary to become a Lich. After this, her mother took her phylactery, a jeweled arrow, and stabbed it into Inari’s chest, splintering her psyche into two pieces; Law and Chaos. Inari’s personality was usually a composite of these two pieces; however, in times of great stress and fatigue, one aspect could gain control over the other for a short time.

The fact that her possessed her mother’s phylactery allowed her to use arrows fired from a specially prepared bow as a lightning rod for her spells. This usually amounted to shooting an opponent in the chest with an arrow and then using the special ability to summon a monster inside the enemy.

Inari began collecting the phylacteries of liches and pseudoliches she killed for similar powerful effects. One example of this is a pseudolich phylactery pen from the Island of Hypocrisy which is able to scribe scrolls more quickly, efficiently and with less drain to the caster.

She disappeared after nearly a year of working with the Heralds, but reports of a horned woman necromancer still abound, causing the belief that she is still alive.


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